Daily post

• Had a friggin rad day, woke up, ran 6km, drank so much water I nearly peed myself and got ready to see one of my besties I haven’t seen in ages.

• Met cod (cuddlepillowprincess) at fundies and had the best breakfast of my life (I’ve been eating this tofu since I was 11) all organic, house-made scrambled tofu, sautéed mushrooms and spinach, roasted tomato, avocado and fresh sourdough toast on the side. I am so so so proud of myself as I never eat more then half, but today I almost finished it! (Except the bread, had half of that) I was so hungry and so stuffed, so proud tho.

• We chatted for ages. I bought some organic medjool dates, oil free sundried tomatoes and a young coconut to take home from the connecting whole food store. We then went to the city and I bought a rad strawberry bowl and we made 20 toilet stops as we both have bladder issues hahaha. It was raining and we both went home.

• At home, I made a few trial blog videos and couldn’t stop laughing at how retarded I sound. I also made some date caramel buckwheat rawnola for the coming week. I then went to counseling which was really good, have some challenges set for the next fortnight. Mum bought me watermelon whilst I was seeing my psych. I nearly cried of happiness it’s so expensive at the moment.

• When I got home I worked on another painting. I didn’t have lunch as I was in a food coma so now I’m enjoying a fat free bowl of organic split pea soup for dinner. Looks like baby vomit but it’s soooooooo good.

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